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Metal-wire mesh

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Wiremesh-ProTec GmbH has an extensive knowledge on manufacturing and processing of metal wire meshes and offers refining and finishing services.

We manufacture and finish for you in accordance with your requirements and specifications:

  • Standard mesh reels
  • Mesh reels to specification
  • Strips or belts
  • Cutting
  • Preforms and stamped parts

We always find the right solution for you. Get in touch with us to talk about your demanding tasks!


PDF 5-Heddle-Weave / Technical data (WiremeshLink)
PDF Single Plain Dutch Weave / Technical data (WiremeshLink)
PDF Twilled Reverse Dutch Weave / Technical data (WiremeshLink)
PDF Dutch Twilled Weave / Technical data (WiremeshLink)
PDF Reverse Plain Dutch Weave / Technical data (WiremeshLink)
PDF Square Weave / Technical data (WiremeshLink)

Here you will soon find the latest product information for download:

PDF Wire mesh terminology (WiremeshLink)
PDF Wire mesh technical List (WiremeshLink)

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