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We provide fibres to globally acting and leading technology corporations and manufacturers of innovative synthetic fibre and nonwoven products. Our filtering media are used in POY, DTY, FDY, IDY BCF, ribbon / monofil, staple fibre and nonwoven production plant

Fields of application

Technical yarns
Yarns for: IDY, such as car tyres, safety belts, airbags, rope products, conveyor belts
Raw materials: PET, PA6, PA 66, PP, PE
Filter fineness up to 10 µm

Fabric yarns
Yarns for: POY, FDY, DTY, HOY, microfilaments
Raw materials: PET, PA 6, PA 66, PP
Filter fineness up to 3 µm

Fibres for: carpets, geotextiles, hygienic and medical products, supports for construction purposes
Raw materials: PET, PET recycled, PP, PA6, biocomponents
Filter fineness up to 20 µm

Spunlaid nonwoven
Nonwovens for: hygiene, medical, furniture, technical nonwovens, packaging
Raw materials: PE, PP, PET, PA
Filter fineness up to 20 µm

Meltblown nonwovens
Nonwovens for: hygiene, absorbent and kitchen cloths, filtration, hot melt
Raw materials: PE, PP, PET, PA, PBA, TPU
Filter fineness up to 20 µm

Yarns for: artificial turf, baler twines, wind protection meshes
Ribbons for: bulk bags, carpet backings and geotextiles
Raw materials: PE, PP, PET, PA
Filter fineness up to 10 µm

  • Spin nozzle filters
  • Spin nozzle membranes
  • Spin nozzle seals
  • Spin nozzles
  • Screens
  • Airflow rectifiers
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