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Wiremesh-ProTec GmbH manufacturing processes

We create solutions for specific customer requirements.

Our aim is to manufacture innovative products in the highest quality and at competitive prices. For this purpose, highly trained personnel is required that is perfectly familiar with sophisticated manufacturing methods and processes. To coordinate and integrate the various process steps with our suppliers and our in-house production our engineers and technicians cooperate with a network of experienced and professional partners. We provide the possibility to manufacture special meshes and their further processing in accordance with special customer requirements.

The manufacturing skill of Wiremesh-ProTec GmbH covers the areas from prototype and tool engineering to series production.

Various cleaning methods are available to you: degreasing or aqueous cleaning with and without ultrasound support.

Heat treatment
Soft annealing for forming, deep-drawing and sintering, and more

Straightening and stretching
Straightening and flatness of the mesh

Mesh thickness reduction
Filter fineness manipulation.
At the same time, calendaring leads to a smooth wire surface.

Single pieces and strips. In batch or series production by various cutting methods, such as rotary or stationary blades, water-jet cutting, laser cutting or plasma cutting

Stamping / deep drawing / embossing
Batch or fully automated series production of two-dimensional or three-dimensional products.

Pleating / edging / forming
Depending on the purpose of application, we process our meshes utilising various manufacturing methods.


  • Resistance welding, such as seam and spot welding, gas metal arc welding, MIG and MAG
  • Tungsten inert gas welding WIG
  • Plasma welding
  • Laser beam welding

Adhesive bonding
Component bonding and sealing

Plastic injection moulding
Plastic injection moulding for shaping, supporting or as mounting elements of the wire meshes

In order to check and safeguard manufacturing processes we utilise in-house checking processes and measuring methods.

Each job is carried out individually and customised. We pack manually or fully automatic, as bulk cargo, in individual packaging or in reusable or disposable packaging.