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There is hardly another sector where supplier requirements are higher than in the automotive industry. We know the challenges very well. Our experienced team is perfectly familiar with comprehensively checking and documenting the product and supplier quality processes.

Fields of application

Vehicle occupants are increasingly protected by the airbag equipment in the vehicles. In the event of a collision, the airbag must deploy its protective function in fractions of seconds. For filling such airbags, various gas generator designs are used. If the propellant is triggered unwanted substances are generated that have to be retained to prevent them from getting into the airbag. This task is fulfilled by filtering media made of Wiremesh-ProTec GmbH metal wire mesh. Our experienced team consisting of engineers and technicians draws back on special knowledge in the field of the development and series production of combustion chamber filters for airbag gas generators. We are glad to advise you at the product development stage and provide you with functional and prototype samples. Also, take advantage from our experience in the field of series production.

The oil supply of a combustion engine is ensured by an oil pump that sucks in oil from the oil sump through using an inlet manifold with a build-in oil strainer. The most common contamination occurs in form of metallic abrasion that is retained by the oil strainer. We provide strainers made of standard steel or stainless steel with various mesh sizes for this application.

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